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Provincial Records

 Provincial records may be established in all ASSA approved events, at ASSA sanctioned swim meets and only when swimming in the appropriate age category, in individual events. Individual Provincial records may also be established in a relay event when a swmmer swims up. The record will stand in the swimmer's registered age group.

The Application for Provincial Record form should be completed if it is believed that a Provincial record has been broken or tied. The application form, original lane card and a copy of the complete results shall be sent to the ASSA office. The Meet Manager shall ensure that the application bears the proper signatures. A copy of the completed application and lane card should be emailed to the ASSA Registrar within 48 hours and the originals mailed immediately following the swim meet. These originals must be received prior to the record becoming official. The ASSA office manager shall record the qualifying Records and certificates will be sent to the swimmer(s) named on the record application.

No records shall be set after the Provincial Swim Meet in any year.

Provincial records cannot be set in out-of-province meets.


ASSA All Star Team Records

Any new records established by the All Star Team members at the "A" Provincials or at any other meet as defined in Bylaw 15.19 will be determined from the official results of the Meet as provided by Swim Alberta and the certificates will be sent to the swimmer establishing the new record(s).


Alberta Summer Games Records

Alberta Summer Games records are maintained by Alberta Sports, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation.


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