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Welcome Masters Swim Clubs and Swimmers!


What is Alberta Summer Swimming?

The Alberta Summer Swimming Association (ASSA) is a not-for-profit organization that provides a summer swimming program for individuals of all ages in the Province of Alberta. It is run by a board of directors(volunteers), supported by administrative office staff. ASSA is an affiliate member of Swim Alberta.ASSA currently has 3651 swimmers participating in 61 clubs who compete in short course (25 metre) pools throughout the province during the summer season.


The Summer Swim Season

The summer swimming season officially starts May 1st and concludes with the Provincial Championship Meet, typically held on the second weekend after the long weekend in August. Clubs begin training on or after May 1st, and swim meets are generally held every weekend starting in early June.


New Opportunities for Masters Clubs and Swimmers

Based on motions passed at the fall 2010 ASSA Board of Directors meetings, and collaboration with Swim Alberta and the Alberta Master Swimming Association, the ASSA has revised both its age groups and swimmer eligibility requirements. The key changes being:

  1. The introduction of an 18&O age category to align with the entry level Canadian Masters age group
  2. Removal of competitive restrictions on swimmers in the 18&O age group. i.e. Regardless of swimming background, anyone may now race at all levels offered by the ASSA in the 18&O age category.

From these changes, Masters Swim Clubs and Swimmers alike will find ASSA to be more accessible and a favorable option to continue participating in the sport of competitive swimming throughout the summer months, including many racing opportunities: there are over 50 meets run throughout the province each summer season! CLICK HERE to see the Swim Meet Schedule.


How to get your Club and Swimmers involved in ASSA

All existing Alberta Masters Swim Association Swim Clubs have been pre-approved for membership within the ASSA. Clubs looking to take advantage of this opportunity with ASSA should send an email to with the following information to begin the club affiliation process:

  • Club Name
  • Club Code
  • President’s Name
  • President’s email address
  • President’s Phone Number

Once the above information is received the ASSA will follow up with your club to complete the affiliation process and begin the swimmer registration process.

Alternatively, if your local Masters club is not interested in becoming an affiliate member of ASSA, Masters swimmers can seek membership with any existing summer swim club. To view a list of all the existing ASSA clubs CLICK HERE.


What are the costs of being an ASSA member?

Club affiliation: $75.00

Swimmer registration: $49.25

Average Invitational Meet fees: ~ $15-$25 / swimmer

Provincial Championship Meet: FREE (for all qualifiers)


For more information about ASSA CLICK HERE

Questions? Comments or Concerns? Please CONTACT US!


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