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All ASSA Coaches are required to have the following completed by May 1 of each season to be permitted on deck at practices and competitions. We may grant a grace period. 


Coaching Registration Requirements 

ASSA, Swim Alberta. Swimming Canada, and CSCTA Memberships & Registration

All coaches on deck working with swimmers must be registered with the Alberta Summer Swimming Association (ASSA), Swim Alberta (SA) Swimming Canada (SC), and the Canadian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (CSCTA).  Please note that registration includes activation, invoice preparation and fee payment

Registration for membership with all four organizations has now been combined into one process through the ASSA website*. Please have your club registrar complete all your coaches' registrations in the Club Administration Area on the ASSA Website.

Once complete, coaches will receive an email from the CSCTA containing a link to their CSCTA account. Coaches should follow this link via the instruction in that email to confirm their account details and complete the membership questionaire.

*Note: If a coach is already a SA / SC / CSCTA member coaching with a year-round or masters Swimming Canada (SC) club they do not have to complete a second SA / SC / CSCTA membership application. In these cases, club registrars should mark the SA / SC / CSCTA fee as "Pre-Paid" in the coach registration system prior to generating their coaches' regsitration invoices.

Background Check

Coaches of the age of majority (18 & up) must complete a background check with a vulnerable sector search.  Returning coaches need to provide this every three years. All backgroud checks must be completd through through an RCMP dispatch or local Police station. Once received, coaches should email, fax or mail a COPY of their backgroud check into the Swim Alberta office.
If you have already completed a background check and have it on file with Swim Alberta as a member coaching with a year-round (SNC) club for the current season you do not have to complete a second background check.

Coaches under the age of 18 are not required to submit a background check. Instead, the club president must complete the Minor Coach Form, available here.


  • The above listed requirements must be completed every season prior to commencing any coaching activities.
  • As members of the CSCTA all coaches are bound by the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the CSCTA.

Please send any questions, comments or concerns to your ASSA Coaches Rep.

Coaching Education Requirements


Coaches and Clubs can check certification on the Coaching Association of Canada's website by using the coaches NCCP number and last name.  Coaches can login to their coach account and retrieve their NCCP number by logging into "My Locker".  


Important information is available here:
Swim Alberta Coach Certification
NCCP swimming certification please visit the NCCP Swimming Coach Education Website.
How to Read Your NCCP Transcript


All returning coaches must have completed full certification on or before the Coach Compliance deadline.  Coach Requirements can be found here


Head Coaches must be certified or, if you are a new coach, working towards certification as a Level 1: Fundamentals Coach.  If you are not certified, "working towards" means, as a minimum, you must have completed the Swimming 101 coaching course (see below for course information).  This is the minimum education requirement for Head Coaches to coach in the ASSA; non-compliant coaches may not be permitted on deck.


The minimum requirement for Assistant Coaches is to attend NCCP Community Sport Coach for Swimming, or be registered in the next available course.  This is the minimum education requirement for all Assistant Coaches to coach in the ASSA; non-compliant coaches may not be permitted on deck.  Assistant coaches may be on deck at both practice and competitions as an assistant for two seasons.  After two seasons they must attend Swimming 101.


To maintain certification coaches are required to participate in professional development activities.  These can include from clinic attendance, swim camps, tour teams, the ASSA All Star Team, NCCP activities and coaching conferences. For further information please see the Maintenance of Certification information page available from the Coaching Association of Canada.
Please send any questions, comments or concerns to your ASSA Coaches Rep.


Upcoming Courses for Coaches

Steps to register

#1  Complete the pre-course workbook.

#2  Register online (you must attach your pre-course workbook) 

#3  Pay online at - or mail a cheque to Swim Alberta.  Payment must be received by the registration deadline.

For NCCP Swimming information please see  

Community Coach - Common Questions

#1  I want to be a head coach one day, should I take Swim 101?
If you are an assistant coach you should do Community Coach as your start point.  
You will learn more from attending Swimming 101 once you have more coaching experience.
#2  Can Community Coaches help at competitions?
Yes, they can attend all competitions and practices as an assistant coach.
#3  Do Community Coaches need to take Swim 101 next season?
Swim 101 is only required for the Head or Supervising Coach.  Community Coaches can assist for a maximum of two seasons.
#4  Our Coach may need to cover workouts themselves, do they need Swim 101?
Through the season the Community Coach can take on more responsibility based on the Head Coaches and clubs evaluation of their maturity and abilities.  This may mean running practices or attending competitions.  Note, the Community Coach should not be left fully responsible for the program.  It is the clubs responsibility to ensure that Community Coaches are working with appropriate supervision.  Community Coaches aged 15 years old must be supervised on deck.



Job Postings for Coaches

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