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Swim Clubs Overview

ASSA Swim Clubs

ASSA currently has 61 clubs operating throughout the province. Each club typically runs through the efforts of a volunteer board and hired staff (coaches). To be eligible to participate as a member of ASSA clubs must be affiliated members of the ASSA. To view a list of all the ASSA Swim Clubs, check out the ASSA Swim Club Directory.



Looking for a Swim Club?

To find an ASSA Swim Club in your area check out the  ASSA Swim Club Directory or the ASSA Provincial Map.


Starting a NEW Swim Club?

If you are starting a new club, or are part of an exisiting club that is not an ASSA member and would like to be, review the ASSA Policies and Procedures on how to affiliate your Swim Club with ASSA and become member.


Resources for Swim Clubs

This section is a collection of information desigend to help exsiting clubs as well as newly forming clubs. 


Forming an incorporated Society

It is advisable that all ASSA Swim Clubs be an incorporate (aka registered) society. Although a society does not need to be incorporated, there are several advantages to formally forming and incorporating your society, including:

  • A member of a society may not be held responsible for the debts of the society.
  • A society may own property and may enter into contracts itself, as opposed to its individual members entering into the contract.
  • The public's perception of a society is one having a more permanent status than an unincorporated group.
  • An incorporated society may be eligible for government grants and access to Alberta Gaming fund-raising oportunities (ie. Casinos, Bingos, Raffles, etc.)

Find further information about incorporating as a society, forms and documents pertaining to maintaining your status as a society. The Corporate Registry Office provides personal service for all filings for Societies and Non-profit Companies such as Incorporation, Annual Returns, Bylaw and Object Changes. CLICK HERE to visit their website.


Club Bylaws and Rules

To become and incorporated society your club will need a set of Bylaws - for your conveninece we have a copy of SAMPLE BYLAWS (text version) that you can use as a starting point to draft your club's own bylaws. Please be sure to review these sample bylaws and ammend them as neccessary to meet YOUR CLUB'S needs. It is also a good idea to review them in conjunction with the Alberta Societies ACT to ensure they meet all of the requirements for filing with Corporate Registries.


After you have developed your Bylaws, there are still a number of areas where you will want to have a clear written direction for your club. You may use these SAMPLE RULES to get started, again, keeping in mind you should tailor your rules to meet YOUR CLUB'S needs.


Club Fundraising

One of the best and easiest ways to generate revenue for your swim club is by working a casino, or other charitable gaming events such as bingos and raffles.

To do this you will need to contact the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) to apply to work a casino in your area. You may also need to obtain a license from them if you wish to sell tickets on a raffle. The AGLC also manages the Alberta Lottery Fund Grants. For more information on these topics, visit the AGLC website.




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