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Clubs Information

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Club Information

Club information - Overview of swimming clubs within ASSA.

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Club Directory

Obtain a list of all the club contacts for a region or all regions including contact name, address, phone number and fax. Region A Contacts Region B Contacts Region C Contacts Region D Contacts Region E Contacts Region F Contacts

Swimmer Directory

Displays a page that allows you to display a summary of registered swimmers or detailed lists of registered swimmers by club, by region, by SWAD designation and by Exhibition designation. You may also search for swimmers by name.

Coach Directory

Obtain a list of active coaches (by club or by region) for the current year. You may also search for coaches by name. For each coach, you should find their position, qualification status, NCCP certification, phone number and email.

Alberta Swimming Pools

See all the swimming pools in Alberta. You can also obtain a map of the location of each pool and see which ASSA clubs train from each pool.


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