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 The information on this page is designed to help all officials within the ASSA. The ASSA Officials Chairperson would love to hear from ASSA officials all across the province. 

Any concerns or comments regarding officiating or rule interpretations can be sent to the Officials Chair through the "Email an Executive/Rep" dropdown link on the "Executives/Reps" tab located above and left of center. A page will open which will navigate you through sending the Officials Chair an email.


Here is the link to the Swim Alberta's Code of Conduct and Ethics

Club Officials’ Administrator – Roles and Responsibilities

Each club has to have a Club Official's Administrator.  This person will be solely responsible for:

  1. Ensuring all club officials are registered on the Officials data base.
  2. Ensuring all club officials' personal information is up to date on the data base
  3. Ensuring only active officials are listed in the officials database
  4. Organizing officials clinics for team parent/volunteers
  5. Gathering officials for club swim meet
  6. Following up with meet manager to ensure official sign up sheet information is updated for their own club and the rest is updated in the Official database after the meets/clinics
  7. Remind all officials that they will be required to help out at out of town meets
  8. The dress for officials at Alberta swim meets is white tops and black bottoms
  9. Completing the waiver form

The Club Official's Administrator person will have the following resources:

  1. The ASSA Officials Chairperson
  2. The Region representative for your area
  3. The Officials data base - become familiar with it
  4. ASSA website
  5. Swim Alberta this site contains all the forms you will need
  6. Swim Canada

Each Club should have an Officials Administrator.  This person is an active member of the executive and can be the club registrar if no one else is avaliable.  Any questions should be directed to the Officials Chairperson at



Swimming Rules of Canada 

The current rule book is dated 2013.  Officials can download the rule book from the Swimming Canada website or obtain a printed copy of the new rulebook (in whole or just an insert) by ordering online



Telephone 780-415-1780
11759 Groat Road, Edmonton, AB T5M 3K6


The Alberta Officials  Committee has developed  referree Briefing Guidelines to be shared with all officials so that we can be consistent throughout the province.  You can obtain a copy from the Swim Alberta website - click here.

Officiating information is also available on the Swimming Canada website.  Use the resources link on the left side of the page.

Upcoming Officials Courses:

The Swim Alberta website advertises Officials Clinics. 

If you are holding an Officials Clinic in your area, please complete the online form so that your clinic can be approved and advertised,


Officials Certification Process...

The Certification process for all levels of officiating is available here.

Lap Counters

At the ASSA Provincial Swim Meet only the designated turn official will have access to the working deck and will operate the lane counters. They will provide the “counting” for the swimmers. Although this function is often done by coaches or fellow swimmers at invitational meets they will not be doing so at Provincials. A reminder that lap counters are only used for the 800 m and 1500 m swims. 



Pool Surveys:

To view a list of the currently surveyed and sanctionable pools click here.

Be Aware! Prices vary dramatically for pool surveys. Please get a few different quotes.


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