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Purchasing Hy-Tek Software.

  1. Hy-Tek software runs on Windows (98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista etc.). To run an ASSA swim meet, you need the Meet Manager program.

  2. Learn more about Hy-Tek Meet Manager at the Hy-Tek website.

  3. Click ASSA Hy-Tek meet manual to view/print a copy of a manual put together by one of our swim clubs.  This manual is very useful to help you setup and run a meet using Hy-Tek.

  4. To run an ASSA swim meet without electronic timing (touchpads), your club should probably buy the Meet Manager product listed as the "complete system" on the Hy-Tek website. The price list looks something like the list below. The price highlighted below ($371.25US$ effective 2010) is the product usually purchased. The software is sold on a club basis and not to a region. To get the discounted price, you must state"Swim Alberta" when prompted for the organization name. The license name is your swim club name.
       Product Description                               Reg. Price     Discount Price
    1. Upgrade to MM 2.0 for MM 1.x and Dos-MM Customers    $229.00              N/A
    2. MEET MANAGER (Start-Up)                              $319.00          $239.25
    3. Ribbon Labels Option                                 $129.00           $96.75
    4. Entry Cards/Labels Option                             $79.00           $59.25
    5. Complete System (Includes Standard Options above)    $495.00      *** $371.25 ***
  5. If you have a touchpad or electronic timing system, you will need to purchase an additional (more expensive) license from Hy-Tek if you wish to integrate it. If you are using the Dolpin wireless watch system, you will only need an additional license if you wish to use it as a back-up to an electronic timing system.  There is also an option you can purchase to network multiple Hy-Tek computers so you could have a computer on deck and one in the office area (and others) sharing a common entry/results file.

  6. Link to the Hy-Tek online store for Meet Manager software:
  7. Questions about purchasing Hy-Tek may be directed to the ASSA Hy-Tek Manager.


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