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Board Member and Staff Directory

Board Member and Staff Directory

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Paige Park

Email President

Vice President

Lynnette Thoresen

Email Vice President


Amanda Halford

Email Treasurer


Debbie Enstrom

Email Secretary

Officials Chair

Andre Harpe

Email Officials Chair

Coaches Representative

Glenn Wilson

Email Coaches Representative

Website Manager

Mike Vanden Ham

Email Website Manager

Past President


Email Past President

Region A - Rep1

Wade Deering

Email Region A - Rep1

Region A - Rep2

Ron Hoveland

Email Region A - Rep2

Region B - Rep1

Marni Woykin

Email Region B - Rep1

Region B - Rep2

Brad Davidson

Email Region B - Rep2

Region C - Rep1

Rob Thorne

Email Region C - Rep1

Region C - Rep2

David Schenk

Email Region C - Rep2

Region D - Rep1

Bert Eggink

Email Region D - Rep1

Region D - Rep2

Kathy McTaggart

Email Region D - Rep2

Region E - Rep1

Todd Stokowski

Email Region E - Rep1

Region E - Rep2

Rose Tarrant

Email Region E - Rep2

Region F - Rep1

Morgan Dozeman

Email Region F - Rep1

Region F - Rep2

Tiffany O'Neil

Email Region F - Rep2

Non-Voting Board Members and Staff




Provincial Meet Manager

Jennie Bruch

Email Provincial Meet Manager

Hy-Tek Manager

Lyle Douglas

Email Hy-Tek Manager

Casino Manager

Brad Davidson

Email Casino Manager

Membership Co-ordinator

Val Carr

Email Membership Co-ordinator

Swim Alberta

Cheryl Humphrey

Email Swim Alberta


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